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Submodule space_object extensions

space_object extensions

You can extend space_object with custom functions as follows:

  1. Create a Lua function.
  2. Add the function name to a predefined global variable box.schema.space_mt, which has the table type. Adding to box.schema.space_mt makes the function available for all spaces.
  3. Call the function on the space_object: space_object:function-name([parameters]).

Alternatively, you can make a user-defined function available for only one space by calling getmetatable(space_object) and then adding the function name to the meta table.

See also: index_object extensions.


-- Visible to any space, no parameters.
-- After these requests, the value of global_variable will be 6.'t')'i')
global_variable = 5
function f(space_arg) global_variable = global_variable + 1 end
box.schema.space_mt.counter = f
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