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Submodule space_object:frommap()


object space_object
space_object:frommap(map[, option])

Convert a map to a tuple instance or to a table. The map must consist of “field name = value” pairs. The field names and the value types must match names and types stated previously for the space, via space_object:format().

  • space_object (space_object) – an object reference
  • map (field-value-pairs) – a series of “field = value” pairs, in any order.
  • option (boolean) – the only legal option is {table = true|false};
    if the option is omitted or if {table = false}, then return type will be ‘cdata’ (i.e. tuple);
    if {table = true}, then return type will be ‘table’.

a tuple instance or table.


tuple or table

Possible errors: space_object does not exist or has no format; “unknown field”.


-- Create a format with two fields named 'a' and 'b'.
-- Create a space with that format.
-- Create a tuple based on a map consistent with that space.
-- Create a table based on a map consistent with that space.
tarantool> format1 = {{name='a',type='unsigned'},{name='b',type='scalar'}}
tarantool> s = box.schema.create_space('test', {format = format1})
tarantool> s:frommap({b = 'x', a = 123456})
- [123456, 'x']
tarantool> s:frommap({b = 'x', a = 123456}, {table = true})
- - 123456
  - x
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