Releases | Tarantool


This section contains information about Tarantool releases: release notes, lifecycle information, release policy, and other documents. To download Tarantool releases, check the Download page.

All currently supported versions are listed on this page below. The information about earlier versions is provided in EOL versions.

The Enterprise Edition of Tarantool is distributed in the form of an SDK that has its own versioning. See the Enterprise SDK changelog to learn about SDK version numbering and changes.

The detailed information about Tarantool version numbering and release lifecycle is available in Tarantool release policy.

Backward compatibility is guaranteed between all versions in the same release series. It is also appreciated but not guaranteed between different release series (major number changes). To learn more, read the Compatibility guarantees article.

Every Tarantool release series has the same lifecycle defined by the release policy. The following diagram visualizes the lifecycle of currently supported Tarantool versions:

Release calendar

The table below provides information about supported versions with links to their What’s new pages in the documentation and detailed changelogs on GitHub. For information about earlier versions, see EOL versions.


End of life (EOL) means the release series will no longer receive any patches, updates, or feature improvements after the specified date. Versions that haven’t reached their end of life yet are shown in bold.

End of support (EOS) means that we won’t provide technical support to product versions after the specified date.

Series First release date End of life End of support Versions
3.0 December 26, 2023 December 26, 2025 Not planned yet
2.11 LTS May 24, 2023 May 24, 2025 Not planned yet
2.10 May 22, 2022 September 14, 2023 Not planned yet
2.8 August 19, 2021 April 25, 2022 December 31, 2024