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Tarantool 2.3.3

Release: v. 2.3.3 Date: 2020-07-17 Tag: 2.3.3-1-g43af95e

2.3.3 is the last stable version of the 2.3 release series. The label stable means we have all planned features implemented and we see no high-impact issues.

This release resolves roughly 26 issues since the latest stable version. There may be bugs in less common areas, please feel free to file an issue at GitHub.

Please note, this release contains no new features.

Tarantool 2.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.10.x in binary data layout, client-server protocol and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 2.x series.

  • Fixed a bug in altering a normal index to a functional one (n/a).
  • Fixed a couple of internal symbols dangling in global namespace _G (gh-4812).
  • Fixed bug when on_shutdown triggers were not executed after EOF (gh-4703).
  • Fixed a bug in C module reloading (gh-4945).
  • Fixed assert outdated due to multikey index arrival (gh-5132).
  • Fixed confusing implicit requirements for tuple fields (gh-5027).
  • Added needed key validation to space_before_replace (gh-5017).
  • Fixed check of index field map size which led to crash (gh-5084).
  • Fixed NULL pointer dereference when merger is called via the binary protocol (say, via net.box) (gh-4954).
  • Fixed crash when invalid JSON was used in update() (gh-5135).

  • Fixed possible ER_TUPLE_FOUND error when bootstrapping replicas in an 1.10/2.1.1 cluster (gh-4924).
  • Fixed tx boundary check for half-applied txns (gh-5125).
  • Fixed replication tx boundaries after local space rework (gh-4928).

  • Fixed error while closing socket.tcp_server socket (gh-4087).

  • Fixed wrong order of rows as a result of query containing column of SCALAR type in ORDER BY clause (gh-4697).
  • Fixed bug with the display of collation for scalar fields in <SELECT> result, when sql_full_metadata is enabled (gh-4755).
  • Block using HASH indexes in SQL since scheduler is unable to use it properly (gh-4659).
  • Fixed races and corner cases in box (re)configuration (gh-4231).

  • Fixed crash during compaction due to tuples with size exceeding vinyl_max_tuple_size setting (gh-4864).
  • Fixed crash during recovery of vinyl index due to the lack of file descriptors (gh-4805).
  • Fixed crash during executing upsert changing primary key in debug mode (gh-5005).
  • Fixed crash due to triggered dump process during secondary index creation (gh-5042).
  • Fixed crash/deadlock (depending on build type) during dump process scheduling and concurrent DDL operation (gh-4821).
  • Fixed crash during read of prepared but still not yet not committed statement (gh-3395).
  • Fixed squashing set and arithmetic upsert operations (gh-5106).
  • Create missing folders for vinyl spaces and indexes if needed to avoid confusing fails of tarantool started from backup (gh-5090).
  • Fixed crash during squash of many (more than 4000) upserts modifying the same key (gh-4957).

  • Fixed concurrent replaces on index building. Tuples are now referenced on all needed execution paths (gh-4973).
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