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Try the Tarantool framework to create
high-load storages for your software products


Commercial development of technology
products involves issues with the
implementation of high-load storages


Developing custom repositories for specific tasks of technological and infrastructure products, such as SIEMs, storages, IIoT, and monitoring systems is expensive


Operating and fine-tuning components of open source software can be difficult if they are involved in the development of technology products

Solve data storage and processing problems with the support of the Tarantool team

Create high-performance storages quickly

Process data
in real time

Increase the speed and reliability of data transfer between systems

Tarantool-based collaborative development cases implemented with the support of the VK team

Tarantool as a component for high-load SIEM systems

Use Tarantool as a storage and processing component to create a fault-tolerant intrusion detection system and optimize the cost of its implementation and support in the customer loop.


Tarantool as an in-memory storage in hardware and software systems

Use Tarantool as a distributed storage for storage controllers and create high-performance disk arrays with high-end block, file, or object access types.


Tarantool as middleware for IIoT Computing and Analytics

Use Tarantool as a data bus and middleware to process and transport data from the industrial hardware loop to analytics systems.


Tarantool as an in-memory storage for monitoring systems with uncountable amounts of objects and data

Use Tarantool to create a metrics repository to monitor systems serving billions of objects, telecom operator networks, industrial technology devices, and more.


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